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by Eren Saracevic

Since Yugoslavia disintegrated when I was five, I didn't have much time to develop a national identity. That's why this book is a reflection on behalf of a tourist coming back to a disappeard homeland he never lived in, without nation or belief.

I grow up with the idea that Yugoslavia was an ideal of union and brotherhood, a real paradise, as it is a reality that belongs to the past, an idea that lives in the thoughts of people. Their paradise was humble, a national and autonomous economy, access to education and healthcare, open borders, safe jobs, free loans, good pensions and above all, peace. When the idea of socialism got broke in Europe, Yugoslavia broke with it.
That's why I did a broken book about the broken Yugoslavia, the broken realtionships, the broken flags, the broken landscapes, the broken ideas, the broken people and the multicultural broken dream, that should remind us, that the irreparable past of some place can become the future of another.


Edition of 200
Hand numbered and signed
88 pages
Open size: 148 x 210mm
Printed on Biotop paper 100gsm
Binding stitched with red thread

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